Manual Handling Products

Here at Powertools2U, we don’t just supply power tools and accessories. We also offer a huge range of products that will allow you to work effectively, efficiently, and safely on site.

From sack trucks and platform trolleys, through to pallet trucks, scissor lift tables, mobile steps, and stackers, we supply a comprehensive collection of manual handling equipment that is suitable for a wide range of manual handling applications.

Supplied by the leading manufacturers within the industry today, all our manual handling products optimise performance, longevity, and reliability, whilst also allowing you to enjoy the best possible prices!

Explore our full range of manual handling products today and, if you require any further information, please get in touch! 

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  1. Armorgard BundleRack
    Armorgard BundleRack
    From  £655.57  inc VAT
    From  £546.31  ex VAT
  2. Armorgard LoadAll
    Armorgard LoadAll
    From  £391.57  inc VAT
    From  £326.31  ex VAT
  3. Armorgard GritKart
    Armorgard GritKart
    From  £151.57  inc VAT
    From  £126.31  ex VAT
  4. Armorgard PipeRack
    Armorgard PipeRack
    From  £856.80  inc VAT
    From  £714.00  ex VAT
  5. Armorgard BeamKart
    Armorgard BeamKart
    From  £158.40  inc VAT
    From  £132.00  ex VAT
  6. Armorgard Rubble Truck
    Armorgard Rubble Truck
    From  £684.00  inc VAT
    From  £570.00  ex VAT
  7. Armorgard Sack Truck
    Armorgard Sack Truck
    From  £90.00  inc VAT
    From  £75.00  ex VAT
  8. Armorgard Turntable Truck
    Armorgard Turntable Truck
    From  £450.00  inc VAT
    From  £375.00  ex VAT
  9. Armorgard Triload
    Armorgard Triload
    From  £159.60  inc VAT
    From  £133.00  ex VAT

9 Items

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