With years of experience behind them, Armorgard work alongside the leading names in the industry to supply the highest quality tools and accessories at the best possible prices.

Armorgard is a leading manufacturer of van storage boxes and tool boxes that will keep your most valued equipment safe, secure, and protected at all times. Robust and secure, these high-performance boxes are available in a range of sizes to suit a variety of vehicles and tools.

We supply a comprehensive range of Armorgard products, from the TuffBank, StrongBank, and Transbank, through to Tuffstor, Flambank, and BarroBox.

For further information about any of our Armogard products, or to discuss your storage and security requirements further, please get in touch – our skilled and experienced team is always on hand to help. 

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  1. Armorgard Tuffbank
    Armorgard Tuffbank
    From  £182.40  inc VAT
    From  £152.00  ex VAT
  2. Armorgard ChemBank
    Armorgard ChemBank
    From  £517.76  inc VAT
    From  £431.47  ex VAT
  3. Armorgard Safestor
    Armorgard Safestor
    From  £192.00  inc VAT
    From  £160.00  ex VAT
  4. Armorgard ChemCube Cabinet
    Armorgard ChemCube Cabinet
    From  £1,004.21  inc VAT
    From  £836.84  ex VAT
  5. Armorgard TuffCage
    Armorgard TuffCage
    From  £766.80  inc VAT
    From  £639.00  ex VAT
  6. Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cage
    Armorgard Gorilla Gas Cage
    From  £358.80  inc VAT
    From  £299.00  ex VAT
  7. Armorgard DrumBank
    Armorgard DrumBank
    From  £235.20  inc VAT
    From  £196.00  ex VAT
  8. Armorgard PipeRack
    Armorgard PipeRack
    From  £856.80  inc VAT
    From  £714.00  ex VAT
  9. Armorgard TransBank
    Armorgard TransBank
    From  £142.80  inc VAT
    From  £119.00  ex VAT
  10. Armorgard TransBank Chem
    Armorgard TransBank Chem
    From  £136.80  inc VAT
    From  £114.00  ex VAT
  11. Armorgard 6" Castors with Fixing Kit
    Armorgard 6" Castors with Fixing Kit
    From  £97.26  inc VAT
    From  £81.05  ex VAT
  12. Armorgard BeamKart
    Armorgard BeamKart
    From  £158.40  inc VAT
    From  £132.00  ex VAT

Items 1-12 of 39

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