George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces is all about turning small properties into amazing spaces and has become a family favourite in recent years. The growing trend for mini homes could be one reason that the show, hosted by North East architect George Clarke, has become so popular.

Here we chart how these Amazing Spaces are spreading across the UK.


George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces Fact File


  • The first series of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces aired in 2012.
  • The show was nominated for a BAFTA in 2015.
  • So far, there have been 60 episodes of the show.
  • Some of the most popular builds during the show have involved milk floats, tree houses and horse boxes.


The UK Map of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces

This map shows the location of every Amazing Spaces build as of October 2018. Although many of the builds are in the South, there are lots of beautiful small properties across the UK. What all of these projects share is the passion and creativity to turn a tiny space into an architectural work of art.



The Triumphs

Some of the best designs from the show are still well-loved, from prototypes that started whole careers to amazing holiday locations. Here are some of the best builds from the series.


The Majestic Bus

Series: 1

Location: Bedford

Designers: Rob and Laila Robinson
Cost:  £700

The Majestic Bus offers a unique glamping experience for visitors to the Welsh Borders. The bus can accommodate four guests but has space for a tent to be pitched on the two-level platforms to accommodate a further four.

Solar panels are installed on the roof of the bus to power sockets and lights. The bus has a nearby wooden bath house with luxurious roll-top bath and shower. There are two wood burners and with plenty of tea light candles, making the bus a romantic retreat. On chillier nights the second wood burner in the van makes for a cosy staycation in Winter or Summer.


The Shipping Container

Series: 1

Location: Sussex

Designer: Max McMurdo
Cost: £1,500

Shipping containers make a fantastic building resource because of their strength and durability. This modern and quirky office space was originally meant to be very different, with a bathroom and kitchen. Although Max ended up removing them, the space is still slick, functional and fun.

McMurdo’s television career began on Dragon’s Den in 2007. He then appeared on Amazing Space’s with his shipping container build where he took the container to pieces and rebuilt it in his back garden to create a unique study space. Since then he has taken on further projects and starred on Kirstie Allsop’s Fill Your House for Free.


The Railway Carriage

Series: 4

Location: Brighton

Designers: Reuben Leveridge
Cost: £15,000

Reuben Leveridge has been involved in many unique home renovations. He enjoys living in off-grid, alternative spaces and refurbished this old railway carriage in series 4 of the show using an estimated 85% reclaimed materials. The property includes an open plan kitchen and living space as well as all the mod cons that he and his children need.

Reuben now offers tours of his amazing projects as well as project management and help sourcing materials for similar one-off projects.


The Accessible Mobile Home

Series: 6

Location: Southampton

Designer: Sam Mildon
Spend: £10,000

Sam Mildon from Southampton has spinal muscular atrophy which is a rare neuromuscular disorder in which the individual loses the link between the nerves and muscles, resulting in loss of movement and the ability to walk. Therefore Sam wanted to design a mobile home that would be fully accessible for his wheelchair and allow him to travel easily. Designing a mobile home with enough space for him to move around, Sam also added a hoist that could move throughout the entire space, an innovation that he designed himself.


When It All Goes Wrong

The Woodland Retreat

Series: 1

Location: Windermere

Designer: Tim Sands
Spend: £7,000

The beautiful woodland retreat was built in Windermere and designed by Tim Sands who used his entire savings building the space. However, in 2013, just a year after it was built, the building burned to the ground in a shocking incident that the police labelled as ‘suspicious’.


The Victorian Bathing Machine

Series: 5

Location: Margate

Designer: Dom Bridges
Spend: £100,000

The Victorian Bathing Machine in Margate was a passion project for Dom Bridges who hoped to bring back the tradition of saunas and beauty treatments on the beach. While the project went well, the machine struggled on sand and since hasn’t been able to find a permanent home. The team in charge of the bathing machine is still hoping to find a place for it to live but so far haven’t found the perfect location. The project also cost £70,000 more than originally predicted and there are further costs to come.


The Face Of Amazing Spaces

This celebration of mini dream properties wouldn’t be the same without its knowledgeable presenter, George Clarke.

George is an architect born in Sunderland and brought up in Washington, Tyne and Wear. He attended Newcastle University and trained to be an architect was heavily influenced by his grandfathers, who were both builders. His extensive writing within the architectural industry led to TV presenting work, initially for Channel 5 before moving to Channel 4. His television work has included The Home Show, Restoration Man and Dream Home Abroad.


Clarke Trivia

  • Clarke’s father was a printer, who passed away when he was just six.
  • He studied a BTEC in Building and Construction before gaining a First-Class BA Honours in Architectural Studies from Newcastle University.
  • He has worked as an architect in London and Hong Kong.


The huge array of homes featured on the show go some way to explain it’s popularity, as do the faces behind the builds who bravely make their dreams come true.


If you’re feeling inspired by the creative buildings above, then discover how to kickstart your career in construction, and see the cities of the future which will overcome environmental problems and make the most of amazing construction technology.